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History of the openM2 business application framework

Some people always ask us about the history of openM2 so here we go:

1998 - the Birth of openM2

Development first started in 1998. openM2 was initially developed under commercial conditions by the company intos it solutions.

The openM2 core and it components have undergone many iterations which subsequently led to a increasingly stable and optimized base. Parallel to the core improvements an ecosystem of customer specific solutions has been developed ranging from eCommerce solutions to various business collaborations platforms.

openM2 incorporates more than 80 years of development and constant refinement. All efforts from customer specific projects are not included.

2003 - the Sale of openM2

In the year 2003 the intellectual property rights for openM2 were acquired by the company comparo due to the insolvency of intos. Fortunately some of the former openM2 customers were eager to continue using the technology.

Consequently trinitec was founded in 2004 by former leading employees from intos. trinitec and comparo established a strategic partnership in order to support openM2 customers and further develop this project. An integral part of this strategic partnership was the decision to publish openM2 under an Open Source licence. The GNU Public Licence (GPL) was chosen for that purpose.

2005 - trinitec takes control

trinitec took over lead development of openM2 in the year 2005 and has been offering development und support services for openM2 customers since then.

Since that the openM2 core application has undergone many refinement cycles which finally led to the major version 3.x release in 2011. As a direct result of numerous customer projects a vast amount of specialized and tailorable components up to full-blown business solutions are now available too.

Despite the open source licence openM2 has remained under the creative control of trinitec.

2012 - Rise of the openM2 Community

In 2012 we felt it was time to release this wonderful project to the public and make it broadly available as Open Source under the GPL - GNU Public Licence. This will give other companies the opportunity to embrace the benefits of openM2 - may it be by building solutions for themselves or creating innovative new solutions for their customers.

What we did for the community:

  • We released openM2 as a project on SourceForge, one of the world largest open source project platforms.
  • We set up a project page (which you are reading now ...).
  • Core development will be constantly coordinated and quality assured by trinitec.
  • Instructions for installation are provided.
  • A documentation is available.
  • openM2 related news will be published through the blog and our social channels. Feel free to join in and share!

We hope that openM2 finds it's community!

Please feel free to contact us in case you need any assistance.