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Features and toolset

openM2 is a sophisticated software development framework specialized to quickly build up your individual web-based business applications that map your business process accurately and specifically. The framework is based on a very flexible and interoperable software architecture that allows you to create your application via customization with minimum effort and high flexibility. This due to the extensive features and toolset we provide.

Building business applications the START-GO-GROW way

Doing software development with openM2 will open a whole new approach on how you build your business software applications - we call it START-GO-GROW.

  • START with your initial project - analysis and design your requirements as good as you can but keep in mind that you might not get everything perfectly at first try. And even if you do those requirements might change in the future.
  • GO with your new solution, train your users and then start gaining insights by learning as much as you can from your users and your evolving business. Collect your insights, prioritize and start planning your next step.
  • GROW by implementing your next step and start with a new GO-GROW cycle.

Some might call this Agile Software Development - in fact the approach is similar but with a wider timeframe and suitable for those who are not trained in agile methodologies like SCRUM.

openM2 supports this approach as the high flexibility of the core framework lets you easily apply adjustments and modifications on your structures. This will help keeping costs low for the update work and enables investment into innovation.

Building business applications with START-GO-GROW
openM2 - building business applications with START-GO-GROW

openM2 Toolset

openM2 ships with an extensive toolset that is capable to handle all your typical business requirements.

You can find these building blocks:

  • Workflow and Rule Engine
  • Forms and Record Management
  • Document Management
  • Integration
  • Collaboration
  • Searching
  • Reporting
  • Automation
  • Notification

and hundreds of ready-made object types that allow you to compose all the structures and processes you require.

Additional Software Generators help to convert your models into functions and workflows in order to minimize any additional programming effort.

openM2 Business Cases

With openM2 you can build a large variety of various business applications. Your own imagination is the limit.

Some inspirations:

  • Professional Services Automation Tools
  • Corporate Governance
  • Compliance
  • Business Communities
  • eProcurement
  • Customer- and Supplier Networks
  • Dealer- and Distributor Networks
  • Collaborative Enterprise-Portals

and more.

Check out our marketplace to find an overview of existing solutions. We hope to add your success story to this list.

And best of all - openM2 is Open Source (GPL Licence) and free of charge!

So get your new business started here - with low cost and high value!