The openM2 framework is a strong base for mapping a huge variety of business scenarios. Each openM2 solution carries high flexibility in order to get tailored to the specific needs of its clients. These solutions are already available and this list will continue to grow.

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ELAK - eGovernance solution

ELAK (german for "electronic act") is a corporate eGovernance solution for electric facility approval processes. Key benefits include:

  •     Substitute your paper dossier with its digital pendent
  •     Save time with adhoc searching in your electronic archive
  •     Reduce failure with auto consitency checks
  •     Better informed via distribution list and work inbox
  •     Improve reporting and traceability
  •     Use documents with metadata and WEBDAV Support
  •     EDIAKT standard data exchange with official authority 

LECOM (legal compliance, ISO 14001) is a eCompliance Solution for legal condition management. Key features are

  •     Keep overview of your corporate compliance state
  •     Reduce legal risks by ensuring condition fullfillment
  •     Reduce failure with automatic notifications and escalation
  •     Easily manage high volume legal conditions
  •     Link with facilities, parts, contracts, official letter, etc.
  •     Document process efficiency with auditmanagement
  •     Fully informed with adhoc & automatic reporting

RIKS - Risk Control Management

Is a risk management solution for a risk oriented internal control system.

Benefits are

  • Link corporate processes with risks and controls
  • Document risk control efficiency via assessments
  • Keep track of assessment results
  • Ensure compliance with auto notification & escalaction
  • Generate management reports Integrated with Process4Biz for process modelling 

PMC - Multi Project Management

PMC is an IT-centric project management and collaboration solution. Key Benefits and features are

  • Instant overview via multiproject dashboard
  • Manage project from idea until closing
  • Keep track of project cost progression
  • Flexible with adjustable project structure templates
  • Single point of access to all project documents
  • SAP CATS integration available
  • Projekt time tracking module (ProTime) available

TCM - Maintenance/Workflow Solution

TCM offers a tranfsformer management system to define workflows. Benefits are

  • Reduce costs and risks by liability limit tracking
  • Automatic limit notifications and escalation
  • Manage transformers, defect lists and controls
  • Engage your suppliers via partner portal access
  • Reduce failure by on site data entry for control staff
  • Adjust to your needs with flexible defect list templates
  • Open via XML based import of transformer data 

MDM - Master Data Management

MDM allows the specification of internal data structures and artefacts. Features are

  • Manage company and contacts structures and adjacent substructures
  • Adjust and easily extend to your indiviual needs
  • Support for corporate roles
  • Add custom workflows and import/export services