Are you looking for help to get started quickly and efficiently with openM2 ?

Here is what our team has prepared for you:

Documentation WIKI

We moved the whole documentation of openM2 into a Wiki for your convenience. We use MediaWiki which has been supported by SourceForge in the past but will be replaced by a new integrated Wiki system. In order to ensure access we are hosting the MediaWiki ourselves.

Get your hands on the docs here:

Please note that the documentation is currently only available in German. Note that you will possibly have to leave comments or even translate a paragraph for yourself. Simply register for an account in the upper right corner of the Mediawiki screen. Your account will be confirmed by our administrators and soon you can start!

Developer Forum

Please note that SourceForge provides developer forums. These forums will be checked by our developers for cases when anyone needs our help with openM2. Of course you can also contact us directly anytime.

You can find the SourceForge forums by following this link.

Issue Tracker

Fortunately SourceForge provides an Issue Tracker where you can browse previous issues and report defects or place your feature requests and improvement proposals.

You can find the SourceForge Issue Tracker by following this link.

Social Media

We have a social channel for trinitec on Facebook where we are publishing news about openM2.

We welcome you warmly to socially connect and share your opinion and thoughts with us and spread the word. 

You can use the hashtag #openm2 in your posts in order make it easier for the community to connect with each other.

Professional Support

In case you are seeking professional support please contact the openM2 masterminds @ trinitec.  

Please visit the homepage at or send an email to

We are eager to help and support you!